CF-SOFT Details:


The mechanical design or detailing of any component or equipment involves exhaustive repetitive calculations, which may lead to errors, inaccuracies and wastage of valuable design time, if it is approached by human efforts. After studying the same in depth and in close inter action with industry and experienced consultants, Pyramid has come out with a software solution, which will effectively increase the efficiency of a design team in totality. Some of the features are given below


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Salient Features of the Design Package:

  • Design data used will be as per Standards of the concerned product.
  • User and Auto modes will be provided, as a scope for using experienced skills, for rechecking and to fulfill the market availability.
  • Material property data bank.
  • All concerned standard tables and graphs will be embedded in the package.
  • Tools like Conversion Tables, Concerned sketches and Calculator will be provided.
  • Strong on-line help to guide the user step by step.
  • On-line appropriate suggestions.
  • Individual modules for designing different components of an assembly.

And above all

  • Design in seconds
  • Scope for R&D activities
  • High accuracy
  • User friendly

System requirements:

Pentium 133 or higher
20 MB Disk Space
CD - ROM Drive
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/XP


Tool menu comprise such facilities where user can check or judge the design under practical / manufacturing considerations.


Performance Curve

Sketch for reference


Conversion Table



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Pyramid has covered the following Models in the Centrifugal Fan in this package:

Density of Media.



Performance Curve

Thickness Calculation.

Shaft Design.

Testing Hub.
Coupling. Keys.
Foundation design. Costing

The 2D manufacturing drawings will be generated instantly, along with the basic design.

The Centrifugal Fan package will automatically select appropriate type of construction according to design. Package provides following types of construction according to which user has to enter the inputs.





Assembly drawing.


Inlet Box    
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User mode:

In auto drafting package provides such facilities by which user can modify desired drawing parameters as well as can generate drawing by his own design.